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Dr. Brian T. Driscoll
Associate Professor 

B.Sc. McMaster University (1988) 
Ph.D. McMaster University (1995) 
Research Associate- University of Minnesota (1994-95) 
Assistant Professor- McGill University, Macdonald Campus (1996-2002) 
Associate Professor- McGill University, Macdonald Campus (2002-present)

Research is focused on understanding the exchange of nutrients that occurs between plants and bacteria during symbiotic nitrogen fixation. Symbiotic nitrogen fixation occurs when bacteria (Rhizobia) and legume plants interact to form nodules filled with bacteria on the plant roots. The bacteria within the root nodule cells differentiate into a form known as 'bacteroids', and then are able to fix nitrogen (convert nitrogen gas into ammonium). Nitrogen fixation is catalyzed by nitrogenase - an enzyme which only certain procaryotic (bacterial and archaeal) organisms possess. An adequate supply of 'fixed' nitrogen (i.e., ammonium, amino acids) is critical for all cells, however, as it is a key component in many biological molecules (i.e., DNA and proteins). Symbiotic nitrogen fixation is a major source of the 'fixed' nitrogen required by all cells. The relationship between Rhizobia bacteria and legume plants is considered symbiotic, as there appears to be a mutually beneficial exchange of nutrients between the partners. In exchange for 'fixed' nitrogen, the plant supplies the bacteria with organic acids as energy source. The bacteroids require a great deal of energy to 'fix' nitrogen, therefore it is in the plant's best interest to allow nitrogen fixation to proceed effectively.  Sucrose is translocated from the leaves to the root nodule cells, where enzymes convert it to organic acids such as malate. Bacteroids are able to rapidly take up and metabolize organic acids very efficiently. One of the most interesting aspects of bacteroid metabolism is that these cells stop growing, and appear to utlilize all of the energy supplied by the plant to 'fix' nitrogen.
      We are currently investigating carbon metabolism in Sinorhizobium meliloti (previously known as Rhizobium meliloti), which nodulates alfalfa plants. We are also interested in other aspects of microbial physiology, genetics and ecology. In my lab, we use genetic, biochemical, and molecular biological methods to answer our questions.  Other projects involve the study of the nodulation of soybeans by Bradyrhizobium japonicum, and molecular microbial ecological studies involving soil, and pulp and paper wastewater, in collaboration with other researchers.
In MS3-030
Frederic D'Aoust (Ph.D. student)
David Meek (technician)
Jean-Francois Lauzon (M.Sc. student)
Lynda Stewart (Ph.D. student)

Bacterial Molecular Genetics MICR-338 (Offered next in Fall 2006)
Microbial Ecology MICR 331 (Winter)
Advanced Microbial Genetics MICR 772 (Fall)
Advanced Microbial Physiology MICR 773 (Winter)
Microbial Physiology Lab (MICR 300)

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